As a child, Dr. Emma Dodge, DDS was a patient of long-time Hartford dentist, Dr. Scheunemann. She was greatly influenced by Dr. Scheunemann and even declared to him that she intended to become a dentist. Dr. Emma made good on that prediction and along with her husband, Dr. Ryan Dodge, DDS purchased Dr. Scheunemann’s practice upon his recent retirement.

Funding for Growth Plans

Facilitating a Win for Hartford, Wisconsin and Dodge DentalDr. Ryan is currently practicing at the clinic (now known as Dodge Dental Studio) and Dr. Emma will join him in August of 2022 when she finishes her tour of duty with the United States Navy. The EDWC team was introduced to the Dodges by Tom Hostad, of the Hartford Area Development Corporation (HADC) to help facilitate the Dodge’s expansion plans in Hartford. We were able to help secure the funding necessary to make their growth plans a reality.

A Win for All  

Facilitating a Win for Hartford, Wisconsin and Dodge DentalThis is an example of a win for both the private business and the community. With the collaborative efforts of EDWC, Washington County, and the city of Hartford, the multi-generational dependence of the community for dental care has been preserved. Coupled with their expansion plans, the future is bright, with the creation of an estimated seven new jobs, bringing the total for the practice to 17 for the Hartford community. At the same time, the Dodges move that much closer to making their dreams for their dental practice a reality.

A success story like this is why we are passionate about the work we do for Washington County communities and businesses. As our tagline states: Your Growth. Our Passion.

 If you are seeking assistance for your own growth plans, reach out to EDWC to discover how we can help facilitate and accelerate your dreams.

Facilitating a Win for Hartford, Wisconsin and Dodge Dental
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