Community Performance

EDWC’s approach to fueling business growth builds careers and economic success that make a difference not only to businesses, but also to the communities where they reside.  Our aim – prosperous lives.

From transforming challenged business parks to advising on complex development opportunities, communities like yours have leveraged our team’s expertise and experience to forge stronger outcomes and greater impact for workers and residents…all at the speed of business.


As a member community, you receive

  • timely counsel from experts who get deals done in ways that protect the interests of local taxpayers;

  • advocacy and representation on projects considering your community;

  • liaison services that strengthen relationships between your community and its corporate citizens.

Fully leverage EDWC’s expertise. We offer services customized to address your community’s specific needs. Here’s a sampling:

  • dedicated development expertise regularly on-site, without hiring staff

  • custom business visitation program

  • strategic planning

  • incentive & loan administration

  • special projects (e.g. creating a workforce attraction strategy)

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EDWC has elevated Washington County’s reputation statewide by creating and administering a unique, best-in-class revolving loan fund program that benefits lenders, businesses and their communities. Core to our success – unparalleled experience in putting the right deal structure together while navigating loans to full repayment, especially during growth stress and disruptive times.

Join the communities that have chosen EDWC to create and manage their loan programs. We have the expertise and capability to ensure all aspects of your program are successful. This includes:

  • program design, accountability & marketing

  • application & underwriting

  • loan pricing & terms

  • collateral & security structure

  • loan approval & funding decisions

  • authoring & executing loan documents

  • servicing

  • loan amendments & modifications

  • managing challenging loan situations

  • portfolio health analysis & reporting



Economic development opportunities are becoming more complex while moving at faster speeds. How can you accelerate decision-making while also fully understanding a project’s value to constituents?

We’ve partnered with Impact DataSource to create a tool to help you understand how a project impacts your economy, local taxes and government costs.

Whether you are a community official or corporate CEO, Impact DashBoard estimates the ROI of economic development incentives, so you can be sure you are making the right decision.

Impact DashBoard provides analytics and quantitative support for city businesses and elected officials to make and defend their decisions.



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Community Performance

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