Workforce/Demographic Analytics


Finding the right talent to add to your team can be time consuming and costly. EDWC offers extensive labor force data to help you target and secure core talent by knowing where the workforce is, where they are coming from and a benchmark on what will it take for them to come to your company.

Our cutting-edge workforce analytics tool delivers:

  • geographic-based summaries on wages, wage comparison, commuting distance, and more
  • comparisons of position-specific wages to competitors
  • talent supply charts on availability by compensation level
  • …and more.
workforce analytics
Workforce/Demographic Analytics


Understanding the demographics of the area in which you do business can help you focus your expansion plans, marketing efforts and overall strategic planning.

This U.S Census data based site provides it in a searchable format at the municipality or zip code level. Easily obtain information such as average income, or population statistics, like gender/race/age and education levels.

demographic/economic data
Workforce/Demographic Analytics

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