Business Performance

Sometimes you need an outside perspective on your organization. We have two ways to deliver unbiased insights about your business.


We only need 60 minutes to show you how to gain the competitive edge in retaining top talent

As a strong performer in your industry you know maintaining market leadership means never stepping off the gas. You need top talent and the right workforce to fuel high performance. The issue is…so does everyone else.

You can’t control the market of available people to meet your workforce needs, but you can influence the talent already on your team. EDWC’s proven “Workforce 20/20” analytic tool gives you a baseline and pathway for retaining the talent required to win. As a destination workplace, the talent you have can become your most effective resource for attracting new talent.


Interactive tools and resources for meaningful data

Data drives good decisions. Interpreting the meaning of the data drives decisions that get results. We have invested in business intelligence tools and databases used by Fortune 500 companies to stake out market positions, define strategy and make important investments and choices.

These resources can tell you:

  • How well your company’s wages compare to the market
  • Where the workers you need for success are located
  • Information on new market potential
  • Benchmarking

  • Nearby supply chain opportunities

EDWC has the expertise and experience necessary to simplify the complex. We will connect seemingly disparate data points into meaningful information you can put to immediate use.

Give us a question you seek to answer, a hurdle to overcome, a decision to make or a strategic opportunity you want to leverage…and we’ll sort through the information to produce actionable intelligence.

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Business Performance

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