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EDWC’s customers consistently share that our distinctive process has given them an edge. We call it the “winning curve,” which combined with EDWC’s unparalleled expertise delivers “wow” through accelerated results and an exceptional experience.

EDWC - The Winning Curve


We start by understanding what you want to achieve and the obstacles you face.  We uncover what matters—targeting your challenges, your opportunity, your goals, your needs, and your timing.



Through use of sophisticated analytics, we efficiently sort through the complex options you face and customize an approach through simple, revealing intelligence.



EDWC’s team hones the relevant to innovatively forge clear pathways and make sound decisions.  We offer data-driven counsel and work products that enable you to peek around corners, mitigate risk and reliably drive to success.



Optimized outcomes for maximum value are the byproduct of the specialized skills and expertise we contribute to every project. Whether authoring documents critical to the deal or navigating approvals, we remove barriers and negotiate to win-win at your speed.

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“EDWC provided direct consultative assistance with discussions with various governments. I appreciated the energy and experience of EDWC.”

– Tom Dottl, VP Finance, Signicast

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