You can do this. No excuses…and we have your back. This is the first of an EDWC exclusive five-part series where we’ll use real-time data to optimally position your organization for attracting and retaining the workers you need. The approach:

1. Frame up the pool of talent you need
2. Determine what it takes to get new employees in the door
3. Reach the talent pool where others are not looking
4. Differentiate from the competition

What is the REAL Hiring Situation in Washington County?

Let’s start by cutting through all the “labor shortage” headlines by leveraging real-time job posting analytics to see what’s actually happening on the ground here in Washington County.

From May 2020 to May 2021 there were 20,204 unique postings. Since then, we have seen another 18,124 postings (through April 2022). Look inside these postings and we find:

Recent Wage Inflations Are Now Flattening

Shift the Hiring Imbalance Your Way

Warehouse, Retail, Medical & Customer Service are Driving Most of the Job Posting Activity  

Shift the Hiring Imbalance Your Way

Amazon is Key Competitor for Your Entry-Level Talent  

Shift the Hiring Imbalance Your Way is the Hot Spot for Washington County, Wisconsin Job Postings  

Shift the Hiring Imbalance Your Way

EDWC leverages Emsi Burning Glass, whose proprietary approach couples AI with inside expertise to home in on insights from a sea of workforce data and online postings. In the case of postings, they churn them through a deduplication process then cross-reference that output with the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Job Openings and Layoff Turnover Survey to work through incongruities. What remains represents valuable information about the state of demand and competition for EDWC’s clients.

Sample Report on Amazon as Talent Competitor

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Shift the Hiring Imbalance Your Way
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