The development of downtown Hartford, Wisconsin got a major boost this past December as EDWC joined forces with Forte Bank, HADC and the City of Hartford, and Washington County to help finance plans for Brewed Omen Tasting Room. The new gathering spot, set to open Memorial Day weekend in 2022, will be located in the lower level of the Millstream Building along the Rubicon River. Owners, Ane and Bill Ohm closed on the loan at Forte Bank with representatives of each of the participating entities in attendance.

Closing the Deal for Hartford, Wisconsin Taphouse

Business & Community Realize Downtown Vision  

When you see the phrase “Your Growth. Our Passion” in our tagline, a deal like this is exactly what we are talking about. Hartford, Wisconsin’s downtown has experienced a revival over the past several years and a new venue that maximizes the river location has long been part of the city’s strategic vision. The Ohms have helped with the downtown redevelopment through remodeling the Millstream building and welcoming new tenants. Leveraging their location to open the Tasting Room is the realization of one of their goals for the building. By bringing together the necessary entities and crafting a financing package that minimizes risk for all involved, EDWC has helped fuel the growth of both the Ohm’s business and the community of Hartford.

Plans for Brewed Omen Tasting Room include an indoor seating area along with an outdoor beer garden along the Rubicon River. EDWC’s funding will help with the improvements to the lower level and remodeling for a taproom with outdoor seating.

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