Companies recognize that today’s front on the war for economic development is talent retention and recruitment and have decided to make this core to its strategic pursuits.  Laying important foundations to address the gap between job growth and available workers is key to taking the next step in your growth initiatives.

Below are 3 steps on how to successfully approach a workforce attraction initiative.

 1 – Workforce Analytics

Uncover key intelligence that will (1) quantify the issue, (2) reveal likely root causes for the availability gap, (3) identify specific labor market opportunity and (4) generate profiles for the resulting target market.   From here you can prioritize workforce needs, determine characteristics of those who may potentially seek new employment or reenter the labor force and identify competitive gaps and opportunities.

Workforce Analytics

2 – Incumbent Worker Perceptions

How often are your incumbent workers promoting their workplace to others?  By uncovering key intelligence that will reveal likely root causes for the attraction and promotion gap will help determine the extent to which retention is a business risk and quantify how much incumbent workers are promoting their workplace to others.


3 – Target Market

By determining the characteristics and needs of those who will potentially seek new employment or reenter the labor force, you can derive clarity on what matters to the target markets identified as representing the greatest potential and establish key message options and targeted solutions that are both compelling and influential to those potential employees.

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The good news is that you do not have to go it alone. Tap into our data tools and expertise to ensure your workforce attraction and retention efforts yield the results you seek.

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