EDWC serves the Village of Jackson as an economic development advisor through our subscription program for Washington County municipalities. In 2019, Jackson established TID District #7, which encompasses 20-acres of residentially zoned land, 28-acres of commercially zoned land, and a 9-acre Municipal Complex. The Village of Jackson is in the unique position of being the owner of the commercial property within TID #7.

Accelerating the Commercial Development of Jackson, WI TID #7Jackson, as the owner, wishes to develop this prime commercial property as the eastern gateway and a destination point for the community. Jackson’s goal is to leverage the new Next Generation Housing residential development to the south, positioning the site as a desired location for high-touch businesses offering “experiences” and a more premium aesthetic. The overall plan is to establish a destination anchor with one or two smaller, compatible developments.

EDWC Creates Strategic Framework for Commercial Development of TID #7

Realizing that reaching their vision would require commercial development expertise and connections, early in 2022, the Village used their subscription credits to engage EDWC to create the strategic framework for the commercial development of TID #7. Our staff began by analyzing site-specific economic data such as commuter trends, market potential, demographic and workforce analytics. In July of 2022, we facilitated a workshop with the Village leadership to share the findings of the data, reached consensus on what mattered to the Village Board, and developed a timeline to meet the end goals.

In September of 2022, we presented the proposed development strategy to the Village Board. This effort included analyzing strategic priorities for the community, as well as target markets for the district. Our team laid out a clear path to success, including:

  • a site action plan with specific deliverables and dates
  • proforma analysis of developer assumptions and TIF cash flows
  • retail market comparison with surrounding communities

Turnkey Development Plan Simplifies Investment Opportunity for
Developers and End-Users

Momentum had built behind the project and by April of 2023, EDWC had created a comprehensive outline of the development plan in furtherance of the Village’s goals for the commercial property. This information provides the Village of Jackson, developers and interested end-users with an important understanding surrounding proposed commercial development opportunities for the Village-owned property within TID #7. The proposal included information on:

  • the subject real estate
  • the development vision
  • the proposed project(s)
  • market feasibility
  • financial analysis, risks
  • economic / fiscal impacts

This turnkey development plan that EDWC produced streamlines the Village’s goal of converting this public-owned land to private ownership use for economic benefit. The market case has been made and incentive packaging established, leaving developers and end-users with nothing more to do than choose to invest.

Prime Retail Opportunities in Jackson, Wisconsin

Jackson continues to use their subscription credits to meet the goals laid out in the business plan. EDWC is currently engaged in solidifying key partnerships for reaching the development’s vision and securing the target market end-users. Through the economic data analysis, we have identified that the site is prime for businesses in the industries of:

  • Financial / professional
  • Boutique retail
  • Medical
  • Pet supply & vet
  • Specialty grocery / liquor
  • Upscale Americana taproom / distillery / destination restaurant
  • Bike, watersport, outfitter

The parcel’s high-profile location on HWY 60, just 1.8 mile from Interstate 45 and 5 miles from Interstate 41, provides easy access for commuters on their way to and from work. The parcel is also located just yards away from Washington County’s catalyst Next Generation Housing development which, once construction is complete, will open up 53 single family homes, 8 condos / duplexes and 40 townhomes to new residents. The Oaks of Jackson subdivision will achieve the goal of providing housing opportunities for working individuals and families to grow their roots in the county and build equity through homeownership.

With Jackson’s steady population growth over the past decades coupled with their thriving local economy and dedicated support of the Village administration, this commercial development is an exciting opportunity for businesses looking to expand or move into Washington County. The best part, EDWC is ready to assist any interested business in ensuring the high market potential using our business analytic tools to pull and analyze business specific data. We will be involved through the entire process including leveraging our negotiating and deal structuring expertise to ensure all stakeholders are getting the best deal possible through investing in the site.

Is your business ready to pursue a new opportunity? Reach out to us today to talk about the Jackson TID #7 commercial development and let us help you capitalize on this unique opportunity.

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